A standalone edition -  Nurture

News features the work of

individual artists, collaborations

and more... The publication

includes, printmaking, painting,

a series of comics, creative

writing, photography and poetry. 


printed on 90gsm white

tabloid size 289 x 380 // 48 pages

cover: Lulua Alyahya


Contributors: Martine Rouleau,

 Sahara Longe, Seth Randall-

Goddard, Salomé Wu, Lulua

Alyahya, A.Shank, Dane Turner,

 Kay-Kimura Dickinson, Ollie

Wiggins, Amy Dudgeon, Bertie

Simpson, Elliot Higgs, Rick


Shipping: NURTURE Issue two

arrives folded horizontally. If you

would like a flat copy please add

a note to your order. 


United Kingdom, Europe,

United States. For other 

international shipping please

contact us at





Nurture News

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